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“Taking your relationship with your dog to the next level!”

~Cindy Christensen, Dog Trainer and Behaviorist 

Changing the World of Dog Training



Fears & Phobias



Jumping up on you and/or guests

Separation Anxiety

Attention Seeking

Pulling on the Leash


Excessive Behavior


Potty Training

Mouthing & Biting


Crying When Left Alone

Jumping up on you and/or guests


Attention Seeking

Preventing Behavior Issues Before They Arise

And More…

No Fear, Intimidation, or Gadgets!


Cindy is magic. I don’t know what else to say. She whipped our two Frenchies into shape before she had even left the house. The morning after our consult, our dogs were so well-behaved, I hardly recognized them. She makes it look so easy, and once you know her five golden rules, it truly IS easy. Our dogs are everything to us, and knowing that they’re getting the structure they need to be able to relax and live a long, happy life is just the best feeling. As someone who works in dog rescue with tough cases day in and day out, I can’t recommend Let’s Train Your Dog more highly. CALL HER! You won’t regret it.

~Jonda McCutchin
Salt Lake City
May 2018

Our whole family loves Cindy! She is personable and knowledgeable and she so patiently answered all of our questions about our new pup. We saw behavior improvements almost immediately with our dog. Cindy has a true gift for working with pets AND pet owners. I highly recommend her!

~Kelly King
May 2018

Training techniques worked fast and efficient! Didn’t take long for our dog to heed her commands. She worked well with us so that we could continue teaching him good behavior habits. Would recommend her training to anyone who needs help and direction with the behavior and happy livleyhood for both dog and master.

~S. Frandsen
Salt Lake City
April 2018

Cindy is FANTASTIC!!! “Let’s Train Your Dog” has brought joy back into our home again. We have started to like our dogs again. It was so simple to learn and I keep telling people it is like “Love and Logic” parenting for your dogs. After I learned the five easy steps it has helped our Dogs and us so so much. I recommend “Let’s Train Your Dog” to everyone!!!!

~Dan & Amy Digerness
April 2018

Unbelievable! The best experience we’ve ever had. Amazing results and I am a very happy mother of a 4 month old German Shepard. Cindy provided with all the tools needed to succeed. She has gotten back to me as soon as she has been able to with questions that I have had. We started seeing results before Cindy even left our house. It does amazing things to be explained behavior and get some understanding behind what is really going on. THANK YOU CINDY!!

~Brooke Eck
March 2018

Had a really lovely time with Cindy, she helped immensely. I have a very stubborn labradoodle and I’ve already noticed a difference after just a week. She gave me the information and tools I needed to understand how to train him. It was obvious that she understands the behavior of dogs and how they think. She just made it so easy to finally figure out what I needed to do differently. It’s been a lifesaver! I would highly recommend!!!

~Lindsey Hopkins
March 2018


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